Our Soul’s journey

There are many times throughout our lives when we wish for someone to commune with on our journey ..to support us,  listen and hold us so we don’t feel so alone on our individual aspect of the jounrey of our soul.  Of course, we are never alone and are so loved and supported from the unseen rhealm by many but it can feel very lonely if we do not have people that are unbiased to support us in the physical world.  We come to a place in our healing process to reconnect with ourselves and the divine and we may feel stuck or blocked by something. This is very common as we sift through the layers of unresolved grief, unforgiveness, lack of self-worth/self-esteem and many other difficult feelings and emotions. We each have come to this incarnation with lessons and challenges, talents and gifts.  Our life itself is a blessing and the love we are here to bring to others. However, we are unable to be this and give this if we are weighed down by so many unhealed areas within our soul and our bodies that we are spending all our time and energy just managing all of this and daily life in survival mode. Our ego would like to keep us here but our soul wishes and needs to move beyond this or we will become ill. In fact, sometimes illness is our greatest teacher in this way.

For our process to continue, we need to reach out need for some guidance from others doing the same work but also studying other teachers and can guide us on the best next step or steps for us at this time on our lives. It is sometimes easier for the “other” with a different perspective and wisdom in various related areas who has spent much time focused on this to listen, use their intuitive guidance and natural counseling abilities to lead us  into our next step to work through deep issues and support ourselves in the process.

Sometimes it helps to take a soul journey or guided meditation to explore this further and in some cases it is a good time to follow a transformation program that we can do over a month (or couple months) to clear things away that are no longer serving us so that our soul’s truth can shine through and we can connect to our deepest purpose and the divine aspect of ourselves. While we do this we can also connect to others more deeply since we will grow in love, compassion, acceptance and in so many other ways that our hearts will expand to hold much more than we ever thought was possible.

We will then be on our way to healing our inner world which will translate inot our outer world. However, usually this requires some very deep work and commitment to ourselves and a daily program to change our programming or consciousness. The great news is that there are so many effective and profound ways to do this and a program or combination of practices that you can follow to go about this process and in whatever length of time is best for you. You can support this with meditation, prayer, cooling and warming practices, loving and caring for yourself in the most profound ways with healthy ” food” for your soul.

I have studied, followed and been certified in different programs that may be of great value to you in this journey. I also have done so much of my own healing and combined different teachings from various backgrounds that I feel confident I could listen, support and advise you on the steps to take beginning with a soul journey. I also can provide something I have developed called the soul’s pupose guidance session using your numerology chart and an intuitive session to go back in time and get a feel for what your soul had planned as your main soul’s purpose in this lifetime in terms of a soul quality you were hoping to develop by way of the challenges and lessons you set-up for yourself in what is called your pre-birth planning session. I can explain more about all of this to you in a serious of phone teaching sessions if we decide that working together would truly benefit you and we can work out how we will go about the process.

So, if this sounds like what you are looking for and you’d  like to work with someone to help guide you on your journey of healing and fulfilling your soul’s purpose, please feel free to contact me and we can see ifit is a good fit by talking first by phone. All of our sessions can take place by phone so it doesn’t matter if we are unable to meet in person. I can even lead you through something called, a soul journey to explore various areas, over the phone if we set the atmosphere correctly.


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